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Clubs & Activities

A variety of extracurricular opportunities will be offered at David Thomas King School during the noon hour or after school. These opportunities will be cross-graded and run by volunteers. Extracurricular opportunities provide students with enriched educational experiences to enhance learning and to build upon our students’ varying interests.

AMA Patrol Team

AMA Patrol Team is an opportunity for students in Grade 5 and 6 to take on a leadership role in our school and work together in a team oriented atmosphere for the safety of our school community. Students are required to:
-Commit to weekly shifts for the year.
-Work together to cover shifts and adjust their schedule.
-Reflect on their practice and strengthen their skills.
-Help our families cross our busy intersection safely.



Open to Grade 4-6. Students come once a week at lunch to practice songs to sing at special occasions throughout the year. Students can join in September or January. 
Division 2 Intramurals
Division 2 intramurals gives students in grades 4-6 an opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, while encouraging healthy competition. Students will focus on their skills while competing in school tournaments in sports such as: 
- Floor Hockey
- Basketball
- Soccer


Open to Grade 6 & 7. Students come once a week at lunch to practice handbells to play at special occasions throughout the year. Students are recruited in September only. 

Library Club

Library Club is a great opportunity for students to learn leadership and responsibility. Students follow a schedule and help out during recess. Open to Grade 3-9.

Some of the tasks include:

-Checking books in and out.

-Processing new books.

-Decorating the library each month with a new theme.

Writing Club

Writing Club is open to students in Grade 3-9. Students have a chance to grow their writing skills and share their ideas with their peers. Members take part in writing challenges, contests and games.