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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    David Thomas King said his hope is for us to create a school that celebrates inclusion and diversity, supports students academically and socially, and ensures they are fully connected to the community. 

    His vision, along with our District Cornerstone Values of Accountability, Collaboration, Equity, and Integrity, will guide our work as we create the culture of David Thomas King School. A three-way partnership between parents, students and staff will lead the way to create the qualities and attitudes that are critical in developing respectful and responsible citizens.


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David Thomas King School is located in the Secord neighbourhood in west Edmonton. Mr. King was a MLA from 1971 to 1986, and served as the Education Minister from 1979 - 1986. He was responsible for several major initiatives, including support for First Nations Education, establishing provincial diploma exams, developing the computer technology in schools program, and implementing the Designated Community Schools Program. He believes that schools should have a mandate to attend to more than the program of studies, every school should be a vibrant community that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and seeks global citizenship.

Principal's Message

“I believe that public schools should be firmly embedded in the community of which they are part of".                              -  David Thomas King

I am very honoured to be appointed as the first Principal of David Thomas King School. Mr. King was a MLA, Education Minister and strong advocate for education from 1971 to present day. His beliefs around public education, inclusion of all students, citizenship and the school as the heart of the community will guide us as we collaboratively create the culture of our school.

Opening a new school is an exciting adventure. There are a multitude of decisions to be made, including staffing, furnishing our learning common and flex spaces, selecting resources and even deciding on dishes for our foods room. At the core of every decision is the best interests of our students. We are creating an inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, inquiry and risk taking and encourages students to achieve to their potential and beyond. Our strong focus on academics and global citizenship will support all students to become successful, contributing members of our community.  

I am looking forward to working with staff and families to create a school culture that embraces the values of Mr King and the families in our community. Collaboration and relationships are at the core of our school team.  Together we will ensure that our students feel safe, are creative risk takers, build strong relationships and embrace social responsibility.

Yours in learning,

Lyndi Karbonik
Principal, David Thomas King School